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About Chamber Theatre Hintonburg

Chamber Theatre Hintonburg's mandate is to produce plays that are thematically, narratively and visually site-specific to venues popularized by the company, and perceptually relevant to audiences in Hintonburg and Mechanicsville.

We Strive:

• to consistently hire and mentor emerging and established theatre artists

• to reflect and respect the artistic tastes and values of Hintonburg/Mechanicsville residents/audiences

• to merge art and existing business in the community

Chamber Theatre Hintonburg was founded around 2001 by Donnie Laflamme, actor, writer, director, teacher, builder, theatre artist, hot rod mechanic 

Lisa Zanyk, director, writer, producer, broadcaster, editor.

The company has included many theatre artists with a commitment to this brand of theatre –artists who are also workers, with experience in a diverse range of art, business, administration, art, technical ability, and hands-on trades. They contribute through their artistic talent, their business and professional experience, their impact on publicity and audience development, and their strong and committed opinions. 

We Are:

Donnie Laflamme & Lisa Zanyk, Co-Artistic Directors/Producers -

with the ongoing contributions of Carole Johnson, Alain Chauvin, Donna Bourgeault, Kristin Saar, Matt Smith, Dave Samojlenko, Laurel O’Connor, Lesley Hay -

and the talents of Louis Lemire, Manon Dumas, Bob Reynolds, Jenna Majkot, Leslie Cserepy, Cory Thibert, Siniša Janjic, and many actors and others from the lively Ottawa “theatre community”

and we dedicate our ongoing work to the memory of the late great roadie, Glen McIntosh.

About Us